Wood Flutes

Currently OUT OF STOCK. The report is that Di Zhao has paused production of this instrument. We will update this page as soon as anything becomes available.

These flutes have to be played to be believed. They are very easy to play and have a unique beautiful sound.

All Di Zhao Flutes Wood flutes start with fine grenadilla wood that is seasoned for long life without cracking and produce a beautiful wooden tone and have silver plated key mechanisms. These flutes are very much like the wooden Powell flutes that sell for over $30,000. Wooden headjoints can be an even more cost effective way to get some of the wood sound for less cost. (See the headjoints link.) In the first photo the flute is shown with plugs in the open holes.

DZW-C - List $4483, price $3198. Open hole, C-Foot, offset G

DZW-B - List $4633, price $3289 Open hole, B-Foot, offset G

Be sure to contact us to try them for your self: ron@ccflutes.com.

Wood Flute

Wood Flute