Price Sheet info:

If you're looking for an instrument that isn't listed, ask, we may be able to order it for you. CC Flutes is an authorized dealer for,, Haynes flutes ( and We can give you a great deal on anything you find there.

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Chateau Flute - silver plated- $630, our price $454 ($25/mo to rent)
Mini Di Designed for the young student. $716, our price $536 ($25/mo to rent)
DZ-200 Closed hole, C-foot, Offset G - $925, our price $649 ($25/mo to rent)
DZ-300 Open hole, B-foot, Y-arms - $1069, our price $830
Guo New Voice Greniditte/plastic flute - $1400

Silver plated with solid silver headjoint:
DZ-400 Open hole, B-foot, Y-arms - $1599, our price $1121

Silver headjoint and body with silver plated mechanism
DZ 600 Open hole, B-foot, Y-arms - $2309, our price $1850
DZ 700 Open hole, B-foot, Pointed key arms - $2764, our price $2242
AF700BO Haynes Amadeus, Open hole, B-Foot, Y-arms - $2540
AF900BO - 125 Haynes Amadeus, Open hole, B-Foot, Pointed arms anniversary edition - $3910

Di Zhao Flute Options for DZ400, 600 or 700
#C TRILL - $100
#D ROLLER - $50
SPLIT E - $50
Inline G - free, but special order

Grenadilla wood flute with silver plated mechanism
DZW-C Open hole, C-foot - $4483, our price $3189 (out of stock)
DZW-B Open hole, B-foot - $4633, our price $3289 (out of stock)

Guo Plastic Flutes
New Voice C Flute, with aluminium case and soft bag $1440

Alto and Bass flutes:
DZA-100All silver plated alto flute with both a curved headjoint and a straight headjoint - $2272, our price $1799
DZA-100S Solid silver headjoint. No curved headjoint. $2899, our price $2289
DZA-200 Solid silver straight headjoint and body. Plated curved headjoint. $3177, our price $2689
DZB All silver plated bass flute - $3389, our price $2999
DZBV Vertical Bass Flute! $4398, our price $4079
Guo New Voice plastic bass flute - $2100
Guo Professional Grenaditte bass flute - $3750
DZCB Di Zhao Contra Bass flute $13,000, our price $9450

Chateau Piccolo $272
DZP-101 ABS resin piccolo with silver plated headjoint and mechanism - $925, our price $695
DZP-102 Composite Resin Piccolo - $289, our price $899
DZP-201 Grenadilla wood piccolo - $1872, our price $1420
Guo New Voice Grenaditte headjoint/plasic body - $1090

Solid silver headjoint - $900
Grenadilla wood headjoint - $900
Solid silver headjoint with 14K gold riser - $1350

Email Ron at to come try an instrument.

Saxophones and Clarinets

Student Saxophones
Chateau Alto Sax Brass Lacquer - $1128, our price $752 ($30 to rent)
Elite Series Silver Alto Sax - $2475, our price $1599
Chateau Tenor Sax Brass Lacquer- $1512, our price $999

Professional Saxophones
Soprano Sax 85% copper, one neck - $2016, our price $1144
Soprano Sax 85% copper,two necks, high G, - $2184, our price $1456
Alto Sax Vintage finish, Big Bell - $1680, our price $1120
Alto Sax Black body Silver plated keys, 85% copper - $2688, our price $1792
Alto sax Champagne color finish, double arms, 85% copper - $3096, our price $2064
Trevor James Alto RAW $2475
Eastman 52nd St. Alto no Lacquer - $4000, our price $3200
Tenor Sax Vintage finish, Big Bell - $2154, our price $1436
Tenor Sax Antique finish, Red Brass body 92% copper, rolled tone holes - $3935, our price $2624
Eastman 52nd St. Tenor no Lacquer - $4740, our price $3792
Baritone Sax Lacquer finish, high F# and Low A- $6090, our price $4060
Many other Alto, Soprano, Bari and Tenor  available for order. Check for prices.

Clarinet (plastic) Chateau List -$599, our price $399 (rent $25/month)
Backun Beta $1745
Buffet R13 with nickle plated keys $6178, our price $3619
We have many other clarinets in stock from Backun and Buffet as well as used instruments.

Brass and Strings

Bb Trumpet (brass lacquer) Chateau - $495, our price $330 ($25/mo to rent)
Bb Trumpet (silver) - $1199, our price $749
Eastman Bb Flugelhorn - $1150, our price $1029

Trombone - $552, our price $369 ($25/mo to rent )
Eastman Trombone w/ F attachment - $1690
Eastman Professional Bass Trombone - $3700, our price $2960

STRINGS (we have a full line of strings available, below are some examples)
Student Violin - $295-795 (can be rented in some sizes)

Student Cello - $899

Repair Work

General work $10 shop fee + $50/hour. Many small repairs often cost $35-50.

Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophone:
Cleaning/Check/Oil: Includes a few pads, complete oiling and some cleaning and a good check $100.

Overhauls: Includes all new pads, felts, corks. Complete oiling, checking and cleaning. Premium Overhauls include high quality special pads and extra time for detail work. If an instrument is not really in need of a complete overhaul we always will quote a reduced price for what it would cost to restore the instrument to tip-top shape.

Flute $350 (Premium $450) Includes new head cork any necessary corks and felts and all new pads. Some dent work and buffing.  Premium inclues special pads.
Clarinet $350 includes blatter or sythetic pads and new corks, bore and key oil. (We recommend a mix of 'Master's' Pads and roo pads for the best of sound and pad life.) Crack work extra.
Soprano, Alto or Tenor Sax $450 (Premium $550), Bari Sax $550 (Premium $700)