Low Flutes

If you have ever thought about buying an alto, bass flute or even contrabass but didn't because of the cost, it's time to reconsider. These instruments are very easy to play and have a beautiful sound. They play in tune and will last for many years. All for the cost of a student flute from another brand! Below are details for the Di Zhao low flutes, and Eastman now also has a line of excellent and affordable low flutes too. Contact us for details.

The Di Zhao contrabass flute is in stock! Schedule an appointment to try it out this unbeatable deal on a contrabass.

Contact Ron with any questions you might have: ron@ccflutes.com, or 805-225-3306

Alto Flute in G

DZA-100 Alto Flute - List $2272, our price $1799
All silver plated alto flute in G with both a curved headjoint and a straight headjoint
This is the flute that first got me excited about Di Zhao flutes. I played this instrument and it played great and then I went and played two $6000+ alto flutes and this one was much better, for less than one third of the cost!

alto flute







DZA-100S - List $2899, our price $2289. Same as above, but with a solid silver headjoint and no curved headjoint.

DZA-200 - List $3177, our price $2689. Same as above, but with a solid silver body, headjoint and a plated curved headjoint.

Bass Flute

DZB Bass Flute - $3389, our price $2999
All silver plated bass flute with curved headjoint with a redesigned detachable crutch system.  An amazing deal for such an instrument.

bass flute






DZBV Verticle Bass Flute - This unique instrument has a curved headjoint so that the body of the instrument runs down and is held by a peg on the floor. Perfect for someone who doesn't want the stress of holding up a bass flute. $ 4398, our price $4079.









DZ CB Contra Bass Flute - List price $10,599, our price $9450 This is an amazing price for a Contrabass Flute and knowing Di Zhao this is going to be a solid, beautiful and easy to play instrument. It goes to low B and is silver plated. Contra Bass Flute









Here is the contrabass in it's case: