Special Deals

At CC Flutes we offer a number of programs to help make anyone sure that they are getting the best deal possible on the right instrument.

            1. ~Rent to buy program (see the Home page)

            2. ~Cash to schools

            3. ~ Payment plan

            4. ~Shipping out of the area

            5. ~Consignment

It should also be mentioned that vitually everything we sell is a special deal. Because of the increadably low overhead we have, we are able to sell everything well below market value and some items even below what dealers are 'allowed' to sell them for.

Deal of the Month

Haynes Handmade flute 1947! Beautifully restored. Only $1999

Payment Plan and Shipping

For those that just don’t have the money to get the instrument that they need now, we accept major credit cards or CC Flutes offers a special buy-on-credit offer. You pay for 50% of the price now and pay the rest in 6 monthly installations.

We also ship instruments out of the area for a small shipping fee. Please contact us for details: ron@ccflutes.com.

Repair Service

We are happy to service your Flute, Saxophone or Clarinet in our on-site shop. With local service, resonable rates and personal skilled attention, you don't have to send your instrument out of town anymore. A typical fee for a couple pads is $30-40 or we also do COAs (cleaning and adjustment, not including pads) and overhauls.  Special pads are available for an extra fee.

Flutes and Clarinets: Overhaul $350, COA$100, Right Hand keys $75

Alto and Tenor Saxophoes: Overhaul $500, COA $150, Upper-half-overhaul $300 (includes all upper keys, palm, upper stack, low Eb, neck cork and other small issues.) Upper Stack $100, Lower Stack $100


CC Flutes accepts consignment of quality instruments for sale. Please contact us for details: ron@ccflutes.com.