Beginning Flutes

The flutes below are great to start on and are extremely affordable. All of these flutes are easy to play with a good sound, sturdy and have good intonation. A perfect match for the beginning flautist and the intermediate student.

Be sure to contact us to try them for your self:

Chateau Flutes

This is the best deal on a basic student flute that plays this well. Closed hole, C foot. Comes in a hard plastic case. $420

DZ 200

Here is the student model DZ-200 - $925, our price $649($25/mo to rent new, $20 used)
It is a closed hole, C foot flute that is silver plated with solid silver riser. Even though it is a simple flute it is very high quality and plays very well.









All the flutes come with a case, case bag, wooden cleaning rod and a nice cleaning cloth.

DZ 300

A nice step up from the DZ-200 is the DZ-300 - $1069, our price $830.
It has open hole keys and a B-foot. They all come with plugs for the open holes to assist in the learning process of open holes. This is a very popular flute




Mini Di

Mini-Di - $716, our price $536 (or rent for $25/mo)
Another great option for the very young beginner is the Mini Di. It is specially designed for small children who are a little too small to hold a standard flute. With a curved headjoint and no foot piece it is very easy to hold and even for the smallest hands can find the keys easily. And even more important, this flute is a serious instrument. It plays great!

Child Flute

Child Flute