The piccolos we sell are of unbeatable value. They play well, sound great and are very sturdy. Di Zhao's headjoint cutting techinque really stands out from the competition in the piccolos (as well as the alto flutes).

Check the links above to see the instruments we offer or contact us to try them for your self: ron@ccflutes.com.

ABS Resin body/Metal headjoint

Chateau Piccolo $272!
An amazing deal on an ABS plastic piccolo with silver plated headjoint.

DZP-101 $925, our price $636
ABS resin piccolo with silver plated headjoint and mechanism.
Easy to play and has good pitch. Perfect for a wind ensemble.piccolo




          DZP-102 $1289, our price $899
          Composite piccolo. This is the best of both worlds, with a dark enough tone for orchestral work, easy to play and no need to worry about cracking wood. A great instrument.





Grenadilla Wood Professional Piccolo

DZP-201 Grenadilla wood piccolo - $1872, our price $1420
Grenadilla wood piccolo with silver plated mechanism
This is one of the best piccolos I’ve played. It has a dark beautiful tone and is easy to play. Comes in a beautiful case held in a nylon bag with strap and side compartment.
Also comes with cork protector, cleaning rod and cloth.








Chateau and Guo Piccolos

Guo New Voice Piccolo: A new concept of piccolos $1090

Chateau Piccolo: ABS plasic body $266 (check for availability)