Many of the most important characteristics of a flute are in the headjoint. Often getting a new heajoint can make all the difference in your sound for a lot less money than buying a new instrument. All of our headjoints are expertly cut by mastercraftsmen. In fact, all of the Di Zhao headjoints are cut by Di himself to ensure the best quality.

Di Zhao

Di Zhao Solid Silver - $900
Very easy to play with a clear, pure tone. Very nice low end.

Di Zhao Solid Silver Alto - $900

            1. Di Zhao Solid Silver with 14K Gold riser - $1350
              Same as above with some of the very nice qualities that gold produces in a flute tone.

              Di Zhao Wood headjoint -$900
              Easy to play beautiful wood tone on your metal flute! Comes with metal tenon joint to use on a metal flute. You have to try it to believe it!



Yamaha CY - $449
A good solid professional headjoint and the standard for many years. Solid Silver.

Prima Sankyo 925 - $549
Easy to play and a very nice low end and a little more volume. Solid Silver.

Drelinger Karritium headjoint with platinum ‘air reed’. $1549
This is an excellent headjoint in great shape. If you have never played a Drelinger headjoint before you will be surprized at what an amazing headjoints these are. Flexible and powerful yet beautful with excellent intonation. Lip plate engraving. Easy to play with a clear warm sound and exceptional control. Karritium is a alloy of gold and silver, but it looks almost like silver. There is a small ding near the lip plate that does not effect the sound. And the case that comes with it also has a couple dings, but is otherwise very beautiful.headjoint