About CC Flutes

CC Flutes uses an unusual but very effective business model to provide the best service and value to all it’s customers. Our show room is located in the home of owner, Ron McCarley, and he brings a lifetime of experience and musical instrument knowledge to help every customer. In fact, many of the instruments we sell are from makers that Ron McCarley officially endorses as a professional musician. While many music stores are going out of business others continue to pay thousands of dollars every month on rent, employees, expensive web sites and customer service lines, those that survive often pay minimum wage to their employees and as a result end up with poorly trained staff. And who pays for all that? Well, the customer does. Even a small music store has to charge customers hundreds of dollars more than what they are giving them just to stay open! But at CC Flutes we are able to save our customers the cost of all of that overhead so that we can provide better instrustuments and service for less money.

CC Flutes thinks it should be different and that is why all of our money goes to buying the best quality instruments and providing the best service possible. All of our new instruments come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and every customer deals with a skilled musician to help them pick the right instrument. Professional musicians all know how important a great instrument is, but many beginners fail to understand how important it is that even children have quality instruments. I would love to help you find the instrument that is right for you. Please contact me and feel free to check out the rest of the site.

Contact Info:

We are located on Highway One, near Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, CA

Ron McCarley