Used Flutes

We are always happy to find the right instrument for someone even if that is a used instrument. All of our used instruments are thoroughly checked over to to assess their value and playability. This is often a cost effective way to get a good instrument.


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Haynes Handmade Flute s/n 37XXX, 1969 solid silver. Inline G, open hole, C foot. Very even, beautiful sound with that classic Haynes tone. In great shape. Looks and plays great. $2990, even though it was valued at $5500. This could be the best instrument that we have available. Cherrywood case and new bag available only $100!

Haynes Handmade Flute s/n 19150, 1947 solid silver, offset G, closed hole, C foot, gold springs. A beautiful instrument that plays wonderfully. It's hard to believe that it's 67 years old! This is the perfect instrument for a doubler or anyone who wants a great instrument but doesn't need open holes or low B. $1990 Cherrywood case and new bag available only $100!

Student Flute Bettoney, $190

Student Flute Di Zhao DZ200, in very good condition but a few scratches $515

Professional Flute Di Zhao DZ600 with split E, $1295

Student Flute Olds, $250