Advanced Flutes

Di Zhao makes some very affordable flutes that are excellent in sound and playability. All flutes come with a french case in a padded bag sealed with a zipper, a storage pocket and shoulder strap and with wooden cleaning rod and a nice cleaning cloth. We also sell Volaré flutes from RS Berkeley. Contact us for pricing.

DZ 400

This flute has a silver plated body and solid silver headjoint, B-Foot, open holes and off-set or inline G. $1599, our price $1121






DZ 600

The DZ-600 is a professional level flute with solid silver body and headjoint, but plated key work. It has a B-Foot, in-line or off-set G, open holesIt has a very pure tone, is exceptionally easy to play full in the low register and soft in the upper register. This is a great flute for someone who can’t afford a $10,000 flute, but needs something of the best quality. $2309, our price $1850





DZ 700

This is the top of the line Di Zhao flute until you get to the handmade flutes. Like the DZ-600, but with pointed key arms. When you consider the value of these flutes, this is really the flute to get, - the best sound, the best craftsmanship for the best money. Now comes with a beautiful wooden case and soft bag. I personally play a DZ-700 with a split E (+$50) that I like very much. $2764, our price $2242








DZ-DSP Hand Made Flute w/ split E and C# trill


This is probably the most popular flute of the new fantastic hand made line by Di Zhao.  It features solid silver heajoint, body, joints, ribbing and posts, white gold springs, split E and C# trill.  It has a beautiful smooth tone and excellent action. Available in Heavey or Standard Wall.  The Standard is a little more lively and the Heavey a little richer.  Both are a real pleasure to play and very reasonably priced at $4595


Amadeus Flutes by Haynes

These highly regarded Haynes flutes can now be purchased at student prices.

AF700BO Open Hole, B-Foot, Y-arms, $2540

AF900BO-125 Open Hole, B-Foot, Pointed Arms, special anniversary edition $3910