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We offer unparalleled professional service and affordable prices on quality instruments. Our ability to offer skilled advice, personal service and low prices cannot be matched due to our unique business model. And you, the customer, win!

Contact us today to ask about what we have to or to set up an appointment: ron@ccflutes.com

We are now authorized dealers for more great new products all the time. We have been a dealer for Buffet clarinets, Keilwerth saxophones and Forestone Saxophones for some time now. Everyone who knows clarinets knows about Buffet's fine instrumenets and most saxophone players know about Keilwerths great instruments. Forestone is a Japanese synthetic reed company that is now making a great saxophone with the finest craftsmanship. You have to come try their instruments to believe it.

Many people don't know about what a fantastic saxophone Trevor James is making now for around $3000 which is something of a 'game-changer' in the saxophone world, or that you can try MacSax and Theo Wanne mouthpieces right here in SLO county.  Reed Geek makes the best reed working tools that make fixing up reeds a snap as well as the amazing Klagbogen tone weight that they make also.

CC Flutes is an authorized dealer for Haynes Flutes and Eastman music company, dizhaoflutes.com, Guo Flutes, the Chateau line of band instruments, the amazing Trevor James pro-line of saxophones and drakemouthpieces.com, Jodyjazz.com, and MacSax mouthpieces and Silverstein Ligatures. We can give you a great deal on anything you find there, look around this site, or contact us to see what we have in stock. We usually carry a large selction of flutes, saxophones, clarinets and student trumpets and tombones in addition to many other instruments that can be ordered. We recently doubled our inventory and so you would be amazed at what we have to offer.

Check the links above to see the instruments we offer or contact us to try them for your self: ron@ccflutes.com.

Please contact us for any of your band instrument needs including woodwind repair: ron@ccflutes.com, or 805-225-3306.

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Rent to Buy

We have the best instrument rental deal on the Central Coast. In most cases, all the money you spend on rent can be used to buy the instrument you are renting. We have no hidden fees, like 'instrument protection', or shipping and the monthly rate will never go up. Add that to great prices, quality instruments and expert service and you have an unbeatable deal. The instruments that we currently rent are:

$25/mo for new instruments, $20/mo for used:

Student Flutes






$35/mo for new instruments, $30/mo for used:

Alto Saxophones


Every rental starts with a short FREE music lesson!


Contact us right away to arrange a rental.

*some restrictions apply

Deal du Jour

Di Zhao is now making handmade flutes that are on similar level of quality to Powels, Haynes and other fine flute makers.  We have a DZ - D-SP with split E and C# Trill in stock to try and it is amazing.  It has a 10K riser and all silver posts, tenons and ribbing. This is a great flute at any price, but at $4595 it is about half of the price of a similar Powel, Haynes or Muramatsu. I don't think that there is anything else in this price range that compares.

Quality Instruments for Everyone

At CC Flutes we offer a number of programs to help make anyone sure that they are getting the best deal possible on the right instrument.

            1. ~Rent to buy program

            2. ~ Payment plan

            3. ~Shipping

            4. ~Consignment

Quality of Instruments

I have seen many instruments offered at what seemed like impossible prices like a flute or trumpet being sold for less than $100. What separates the instruments at CC Flutes from instruments like this? At least three things. 1. The quality of the instrument!!, 2. The care and attention of a knowledgeable person to help make sure you get the right instrument, and 3. All of our instruments carry a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

The problem with a $100-200 instrument is that it will teach you to hate music. These discount-store instruments are very difficult to play, don’t play in tune, when you can play them they have bad tone and fall apart very quickly. The experience you have with your first instrument is what you will think of music for years. So buying a $200 flute is a mistake that costs much more than $200. It could prevent you from learning music altogether! It is worth paying a little more for a good instrument to have a good experience and then if your plans change sell the instrument verses buying a cheep low quality instrument and then keeping it in a closet or throwing it away when you give up.

All the instruments that we sell are of excellent quality and good for study or performance.

What our Customers Say...

Many of our customers are so happy with their experiences they can't help but tell us:

"Thanks for making the swift handoff to my dad this week and thereby getting the flute to me in time for three of my gigs this weekend in LA. They went great and the flute was and is wonderful." - Zach Pitt-Smith of Grupo Falso Baiano

"Just finished playing and love the work you did on my flute!!! It's so much more fun to play now...can't believe it took me soooo long to get it worked on:)
Thank You!!!" - Marian

"It has been a joyous month with my beautiful new alto flute whose low velvety voice has fitted in so well in the Arab Music Ensemble. It is so much fun to play." - Maddy

Thanks, Ron. I am so pleased with my new flute! I played 2 gigs on it yesterday and it was amazing. I sounded fantastic! The high notes were easy to get, the dynamic range was wonderful, it stays in tune. The ease of playing was really astonishing to me. I can kick myself for playing on that old clunker for the past 40 years (!) Anyway, thanks again! Take care, Lara

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