Mouthpieces and Clarinet Barrels

We have an expanding selection of new and used mouthpieces for saxohpone and clarinet.  The best thing to do is always check with us to see what is in stock.

Jody Jazz Mouthpieces

One of the most important new names in professional saxophone mouthpieces is Jody Jazz. Known for his innovation of matterials and processes, great sounding mouthpieces and affordable prices Jody Jazz has already earned his place as a perminant name in mouthpiece makers. HR is a warm traditional Hard Rubber Mouthpiece. Jet is a focused easy to play bright mouthpiece. Giant is a metal mouthpiece with a shape and tone something like a vintage hard rubber mouthpiece, but easier to play.

Here is a list of some of the new mouthpieces currently in stock to try. Others can be ordered.
Alto: HR 6 $179, Jet 7 $179
Tenor: HR 7 and 9* $189, Jet 7 and 9 $189, Giant 10* $395

Theo Wanne Mouthpieces

While these mouthpieces are not cheap, they are some of the best new mouthpieces in the world.  Come try what we have in stock and even request new tip openings or models to try.

Aaron Drake mouthpieces

Vintage Resin: Drake mouthpieces don’t just use the same hard rubber that everyone one else is using. Hard rubber contains sulfur and other questionable compounds. His proprietary material performs exceptionally well.

Acoustic ceramic: Some of the mouthpieces are primarily comprised of ceramic or have key parts made of ceramic to create new sonic possibilities.

Drake mouthpieces are hand made in the USA with the best craftsmanship. He combines modern understanding of mouthpiece technology with classic concepts of sound to produce mouthpieces of exceptional tonal qualities, reliable intonation, playability and amazing projection.

Here are some of the most popular mouthpieces he sells. He also has excellent soprano and bari mouthpieces. Check his web site or contact me for tip openings, etc. Right now we have mouthpieces for soprano through bari sax in stock to try.
Alto $295 list - $250 with discount:ADmouthpiece1mouthpieces





Tenor $295 list - $250 with discount







            Here is a list of some of the new mouthpieces currently in stock to try. Others can be ordered.
            Soprano: Son of Slant #9
            Alto: Vintage Resin Jazz #8
            Alto: New York #7
            Tenor: Vintage Resin Jazz #7
            Tenor: Son of Slant 7*
            Bari: Contemporary Cross over II #10

Email to come try a mouthpiece.

MacSax Mouthpieces

Fantastic mouthpieces are coming out from MacSax.  Great craftmenship, unbeatable sound and a wide range of prices to fit what your budget.

From the $65 Aura alto to the $600 Bob Sheppard Tenor metal MacSax makes a great mouthpiece for everyone.


Used mouthpieces

We have a line of used saxophone mouthpieces to try and we also take mouthpieces to sell on consignment. Please contact us for what is available.